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Neoplace Technologies

We are a company specialized in Development of Solutions, Big-Data and Artificial Intelligence with headquarters in Curitiba / PR and branches in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Federal District, Minas Gerais and Bahia.

Our Goal is to Provide Our Customers Techniques and Tools of Analysis and Growth

Our Company started in 1997 and since then we have improved on Information Systems and New Technologies. During this journey we added dozens of collaborators in numerous projects and computer systems, launching new products and startups. We were fortunate to bring together a heterogeneous team, with the best in their areas.

With a team with skills in the most diverse areas, we evaluate solutions and demands within a broad reference scope, such as Neuromarketing, Subconscious Decision Determination, Evaluation of Potential Customer Interests and Activities and Training of Leads, Control and Management of Distributed Systems, among others.

We have a distributed processing system to evaluate a huge volume of information generated, integrated with a set of big-data processing, deep-learning and Artificial Intelligence for determination, classification and measurement of Internet standards.


Our Team

Giselle Khoury

Giselle Khoury

Chief Operating Officer

Postgraduate in finance, graduate in advertising, compotamental Master Coach 360.
Extensive experience in the management of teams, projects and events. Multidisciplinary consultancy.

Paulino R. e Silva

Paulino R. e Silva

Chief Project Officer

Graduated in Law and Information Technology, a specialist in digital security from the Beckman Center for the Internet, Berkley School and SANS. PMP, Project Manager and Data Scientist.

Fernando DiChiara

Fernando DiChiara

Commercial director

Postgraduate in Marketing and Graduate in Business Administration. Neuromarketing. Invited Professor at Positivo University and ISAE/FGV, Speaker and Neuroscientist

Luis Fernando Priolli

Luis Fernando Priolli

Legal Officer

Lawyer and Specialist in Tax Law, works on digital contracts and terms of use for different types of systems, focusing on privacy agreements and confidentiality terms.

Strategic Partners

Antonio Carlos Paes Barbosa Jr.

Antonio Carlos Paes Barbosa Jr.

Trade Representative SP/BA

Lawyer, Specialization in Criminal Procedure, MBA – Political and Electoral Marketing, USP School of Communication and Arts (ECA/USP). Electoral Marketing. He works with Political Marketing for 20 years.

Marcelo Senise

Marcelo Senise

Trade Representative DF/MS

CEO of the Plai Social Agency, Sociology and Business Administrator, Specializing in human behavior by the University of South Africa and Marketing pe ESPM. 28 years of experience in Electoral Policy.


We connect and share the following values:


What must be done will be done. We do not procrastinate. We advance to the challenges, making the best of all the presented experience


The Customer is our main objective and the reason for our activities. Your problems are our problems and solving them is our business.


Bring us bad news, for the good weakens us. We are moved to challenges and solutions are our expertise. The greater the problems, the greater our commitment solving them.


Neoplace came together with the Internet; Maybe a little earlier when it was just a BBS connected on the Usenet. We started by building access providers, creating our own provider, and exploring every millimeter of new technologies that came up in increasingly complex workable solutions. Innovation is the main part of our DNA.


No problem can be solved by the same state of consciousness that created it. We faithfully believe in this and look for solutions in a wide range of areas: Big-Data, Artificial Intelligence Systems, Neuro-linguistics, NeuroMarketing, User Behavior Analysis, Determination of Patterns to Influence Choice, etc.

We do not settle for medium results. See what we can do for you, without any commitment.


Project Analysis

Forensic Analysis



Web development

Distance Learning Systems

Corporate Solutions


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