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We develop Projects and Products in Information Technology for diverse segments and sectors of the industry and trade, with a heterogeneous team of analysts, engineers, marketing specialists, developers and data scientists. 

If you have an idea, project or problem to solve in technology, we can help.


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Whether you want to speed up processes, sell more, get to know your client or get that revolutionary design out of paper, we have the solution.

What We Can Offer


We develop business and mobile applications.

Social Media Management

We take care of Social Media Management in an automated way through Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Analysis

We analyze processes and metrics in social networks and in the internet.


Want to sell more and put your website on the prospect’s screen? We do this.

Deep-Learning and AI

IA, Big-Data and Deep-Learning systems are our specialty.

Team Training

It’s no use having the best system if your team does not know how to use it. We take care of this.

Web development

We develop from the Frontend part to the Backend and support applications.


Want to accept Blockchains, sell by mobile phone or create a virtual wallet? Contact us.

Some Projects Implemented

Active Solutions for Connecting with Clients and Users

We develop in a wide range of languages ​​to offer intelligent solutions for mobile devices and digital environments, integrating the latest in technology. Decentralized systems, Artificial Intelligence and Big-Data Analysis are our expertise!


Recent Project

  • Electoral Management System
  • Evaluation of the Candidate and the Electorate;
  • Voter Monitoring with I.A.
  • Donation Management and Automation;
  • Big-Data and Deep-Learning ;
  • Results Projection
  • Team and Committee Controls;
  • Social Network Monitoring;
  • Publishing and Content Management;
  • Office Management.

        >> SM SCOPO – Political Control System

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